Tech + You

We don’t just support the infrastructure, we help nurture the relationship between you and the technologies you interact with every day. We like to call it Relational IT. And we want to see that relationship blossom!

Assure IT makes things better
for you, and your people.

It Just Works

We will help you build processes that JUST WORK for your unique business and keep operations running smoothly. No more frustrations, so you can just focus on the work that matters.

Tech that works for you, not against you!

Our services

For over 20 years, we have been providing a wide range of IT services to the Hampton Roads community.

On-Site Support

We’ll come to you. Our Apple (and PC) support specialists help you stay up and running. We’ll support your hardware and software on-site a

Remote Support

We’re here for you and your staff 24×7. Rest easy knowing support is just moments away. Our experts will solve your issue and get you back to doing in no time.

Wireless Networking

Managing a wireless network can be a daunting task. All those people, with multiple devices, all needing access to a network that just works. We got you!

Mobile Device Management

Your employees use multiple company devices, phones, tablets, etc. It’s hard to manage it all and keep everything running smoothly. We can help you plan, deploy, manage and support all your users and their devices.

Backup & Recovery

Protecting your files and hardware is critical to heart beat of your business. We will give you the best chance of recovery if and when you experience software or hardware failures.

Managed IT Services

As a business you have a network to maintain, software and hardware that needs to just work. We’ll keep all your business critical assets running smoothly so you can focus what you do best.

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